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Entrepreneurship is no easy path. Yet it remains the only path for many. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy road to travel down or on. This journey though has been quite rewarding, exciting, and fun.

For me I never really had a choice. Once I got an idea in my heart: I simply had to go for it.

The trap that most entrepreneurs fall into is a natural one called mismanaged growth and CATScan helps businesses of any shape, size, and form to avoid those mistakes.

Ygetarts works with business owners/managers to find what areas of Consulting will be critical for your business to succeed. It’s important to see these areas before hiring consultants. That business fact is true whether you hire Ygetarts or any other consulting firm.

Analysis allows you to see your business in a way someone from the outside does. Ygetarts works hard to help show you the key data points needed to generate, keep up, and sustain growth.

One of our strengths at Ygetarts is the ability to find the real cash value of your intangible assets. Unlike many firms we don’t stop at the data. We look at those data points on your spreadsheets for what they are – people. Those are the key people filled with the energy needed to take any business to the next level or to prevent it from getting off the ground.

Training comes into play once the bigger picture has revealed itself. What type of culture is your business going to have? Remember without some sense of a company culture it will be impossible to attract the talent needed to expand your business.

There are three dominant corporate cultures alive today – employees first, customers first, or shareholders first. Ygetarts training is fun, focused and centered on driving your culture. All training is also followed up with testing to make sure the team has the foundational concepts you need them to maximize.

Ygetarts does that by creating unique workshops and one-on-one training that helps business owners/managers to mold people into impressive team members and leaders

Strategy is the natural organic benefit of the CATScan process.

Most entrepreneurial companies will actually fall into some type of niche strategy. Larger firms of course will use some of the other key business strategies.

However, almost all startups need some type of niche strategy to go from idea to mass market.

The simple truth is startups tend to either take off or never start in the first place. Ygetarts wants to help you to take off and CATScan will deliver an extremely important roadmap for your trip.

Don’t be ashamed about being a dreamer.

There’s very little middle ground within the world of being an entrepreneur. Now the word itself has become a trendy one. When I started, last century, it was just a nice word for those of us that really couldn’t work for anyone. It wasn’t that we were unemployable. It was simply that we had no interest working at the same place or thing for three decades.

Many of us used to joke that entrepreneur is a code word for being unemployable.

There has been a dynamic shift within the field of entrepreneurship pre and post mass mobile adoption. Once mobile started overtaking desktop usage, there was a dramatic increase in entrepreneurs. Many were able to find ways to generate revenues through new distribution models like apps, video, and games.

Most though have become addicted to the endorphin generated excitement of high-growth business models. They are exciting, especially in the beginning, when one is actually building something from nothing.

Forward thinking companies are embracing entrepreneurial concepts using intrapreneurship. These are companies that encourage innovation from their employees. Daily it becomes more and more important for employees to think like owners. To understand all the moving parts of a business.

intrapreneurship is actually the perfect mix for a person unable to take the high-risk ride of being a stand alone entrepreneur.

No matter what Ygetarts wishes you the best of luck on your entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial adventure!

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Enjoy the holidays.

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