Is Your Business Marketing or Sales Driven?

This is now the first question I’m asking new clients and old ones.


Well, there’s one big hell of a difference when it comes to introducing business growth solutions.

Also, the answers says a lot about how one views their company.

Both work.

One is not better than the other.

Both Traditional Marketing and Sales are going through systemic changes.

Marketing is shifting from traditional to digital dominance.

Sales from traditional prospecting-close to an inverse inbound sales process driven by customer needs/wants/desires/hopes/dreams/etc.

However, if one doesn’t know how they’re wired, on a personal level, then it becomes almost impossible to introduce changes that lead to sustainable growth.

I’ll add a video on this topic, to expand on it visually, but wanted to get the written black & white idea out into the universe.

A man of my word. Here’s the video….