Social Media Strategies

Ygetarts works with a variety of clients to help develop social media strategies to grow their business.

Here are some simple things to keep in mind when forming any social media strategy.

  • Are you clear on what your story is to tell? If not take care of that first. What is it about you that is unique, different, valuable, tangible, intangible, etc.. 
  • What are you selling? People despise being sold but love buying things. If you’re providing a service then show that you know your stuff. Even better let others tell people who you know your stuff. Be clear on what you offer and the benefits gained. People spend their money on benefits!
  • What is your profit margin? It’s important to do a little math. How many of #2 do you have to sell to break even (B/E). It is important to know this because that is the real monetization of any social media – how much ended up in your pocket. Here’s a trick. If the match doesn’t work on paper it won’t magically work off of the paper.
  • Who is your target customer? Where do they live? How do they buy things? Why do they by things? Where do they buy things? See a pattern here? The better you know the needs and habits of your customer the better. Be a detective – not a stalker.
  • Sample when possible! People can’t build trust until after they’ve tried your product or service. For my USA clients be the free sample in the busy Costco aisle near the frozen foods.
  • Develop a point-of-view to tell your story! Stories get shared through strong characters – what values do you hold near and dear to your heart? Are those integrated into the product/service/story/etc.
  • Match the proper POV to the proper social media – It isn’t about what social media you use; it is about the social media your potential clients use.

Hope that helps.

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