I find many clients start their business because they want freedom; they fall in love with the concept of being their own boss.

I’ve found there are four types of people in the workforce.  I’ve also identified the two that are most likely able to become a successful business owner.



Combo Employee/Employer


Employees have a major advantage over most business owners – because they have a unique talent the ability to turn the work switch on and off.  They work when they work.   They aren’t working when they’re not working.  It’s a skill that most business owners have to ultimately learn – balance.

Employers are the people who tend to feel comfortable in management roles.  They’re the people who make decisions of who gets into the company culture and those that are left out in the cold.  There are all types of employers – good, bad, and everything in between.

The Combo – the one that knows taking on the role of being the worker when the job needs to get done; combined with the ability to the boss when faced with tough decisions.  That is really a clear personality type that should go into business for themselves.    They’ll have the most fortitude to enjoy the ups and not get scared during the downs.  When it gets tough – they’ll pitch in.  When it is successful – they’ll share.

Other – there are always people who don’t fit into a group.  Exceptions to the rules.  Sometimes they can make a great business owner, too.  This is true when they are able to think out of the box and not fit into a mold.  Their ability to see things in a different light is what makes them more powerful than most.

The combo and other usually won’t ever be fully satisfied working for a company.  In many ways, they don’t have a choice.