Bottom Line – Pricing

Businesses grow on two levels – local and global.

Ygetarts understands that the core of this growth is in the hands of your customers because they are the demand and what you’re offering is the supply.

A company’s ability to tell their story is what increases their customer base.  No story.  No business.

Our name is strategy spelled backward because Ygetarts looks at potential growth for your business from all angles!

The Ygetarts process – Ygetarts finds your story.  Shows you how to tell it.  Helps you to see how to save time and generate profits – today and tomorrow.

Established Business Pricing

(Based on Scope of your Project & Size of Business)

Discounts are available based on length of projects.

What?  A business owner with no money?  Don’t worry…

Startup Business Pricing

Let Ygetarts know the scope of your project.

If Ygetarts likes your idea and believes in your ability to see it through to profit, then Ygetarts may create a deferred compensation agreement based on a percentage of sales.