Ygetarts Pricing

All private coaching, strategic projects, and business development services get a complimentary analysis of your issue, budget, and time-frame. This is zero cost. Request it now – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Private Coaching prices are $250 per hour

First hour comes with a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you don’t pay.

If satisfied we bill you via PayPal and there is a minimum of four sessions.

Ygetarts only works with five coaching clients per week. See testimonial videos.

This service works well for people looking to make a career change or C-suite level executives needing a fresh, unique, and different perspective.

The focus is to help remove issues blocking them from moving to the next level or attaining a specific goal/target.

Hourly Consulting/Analysis $250 per hour

For issues that will take 10 hours or less of work.

This service works best for people or companies needing a sales, marketing, financial, or investment analysis for a tangible or intangible asset.

Project Rate $2500

Project commitments involve 10-20 hours with the ability for completion within 72 hours to 21 days

Projects usually focus on developing a niche business strategy to either launch or expand awareness of specific product/service.

Projects will be in one or more of the following categories: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Financial, Public Relations, Social Media, Human Resources, Team Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Business, or Funding.

Monthly Business Development Rate $5000

For businesses that need expansion of their sales or marketing utilizing outside sources.

This service can also be chosen for people needing to develop a business plan for internal purposes or to raise outside funds.

These issues will take more than 20 hours or greater than 21 days but less than 30 to complete.

Financially challenged?

Talk to Ygetarts about our Pay What You Can Afford Programs for private coaching or hourly projects.  We also provide certain services for equity stakes in startup ventures.