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  • Growing or launching your business during a war and a pandemic
    I’m not going to lie. It isn’t easy. But this article includes a list of 100’s of companies who started during the War and just prior to the start of the pandemic. I’m in the camp that recognizes like it or not we are in a version of WWIII. I hope I’m wrong. I grew up in a unique military…

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  • Don’t let your hatred of math kill your business
    Let’s be clear. Most people hate math. Let’s even be clearer. On top of that, most people despise people that love math. But let’s also be clear – math is in everything. Mental math is almost always wrong – because it is using a different part of the brain. But for a business owner to be successful, they must set…

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  • Are you diverse?
    Ironically, most people are not. And by default most companies are not. So don’t be upset if you are not diverse – because you can make that happen. We all of course bring our personal experience to the table. And even worse, we all tend to think our background is the right background. The baggage we all bring is of…

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Ygetarts is strategy spelled backwards. We look at things differently.

What we do…

Ygetarts is strategy spelled backwards.

This is because we solve business challenges from a different perspective.

We work with all types of companies public, private, and individuals.

Some accomplishments

  • We’ve been remote working internationally for over 10 years
  • Developed E-commerce sites that collectively generate over 100 million in sales
  • Launched hundreds of social media content based projects which generate sustainable revenues for individuals and companies
  • Created effective remote training video sessions for coaching, consulting, and tutoring

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Details of lessons included in our 13 week training

You can purchase an individual lesson or the entire course. Lessons are 50% off when purchased before March 31st.

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