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Welcome to 2019!

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Ygetarts has grown. Entering our fourth year as a firm is fun. We’ve added some sites focused on specific needs for some of our clients and fans.

  • Bearfluencer.com is where you can find updates on Bobby the Bear’s book “Social Media Doesn’t Have to Suck! and his blog Bobby Thoughts 
  • DoNotListenToThisPodcast.com is a new adventure where I’m helping people to understand how to grow something from nothing.
  • GrowSales.Today where you can get some solid one-on-one sales coaching.
  • SocialMediaDoesNotHaveToSuck.com – as well as being the title of Bobby’s film it is also now a service. We work with people and businesses to create social media content and strategies that produce instant and long-term results.


About You

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About Us -Our name is strategy spelled backward because we look at things differently. Our core values are fun, diversity, and prosperity. As a bespoke business consulting firm we have the advantage of building our services to fit your unique needs.

A business is an ongoing story. Like a film that never ends and hopefully has a happy ending.

There’s been a trend of focusing on the why of a business and we feel that’s a flawed perspective.

Every key-story question not only needs answering. Those answers embody equal weighting.

If the real story of your business is ever to reach your largest audience then we need to know: Who is the business? What is the venture? Where does the business exist? When does a customer need the services/products of that entity? How do those customers connect with you? And of course, why does the business exist, to begin with?

Ygetarts why is to help business owners understand the most profitable and effective answers to those other story-based questions.

Collectively, they are even more important than simply knowing a why.

More businesses emerge out of answering “what if” than “why” and that’s the magic of classic storytelling.

Growing your business is our business – and our purpose.

A business really is about a story – your story.

Ygetarts helps to create a profitable story for you.