Week One: 2018 [First post of the new year]

Here’s to hoping that your first week of 2018 is off to a great start.

For many it was a light week. Next week is of course the first full week of the year. One thing that I want to urge is for all you to become involved on LinkedIn. The site is changing for the better. Especially for business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs.

There are some excellent content creators of all ages. It’s worth following them and seeing what is and is not important to them. Even more important it’s about connecting with them.

Please make sure you’re using video on LinkedIn because it increases the engagement. People love seeing your body language and they want to know what you’re thinking.

This week, I continued to add to the #WhatWouldYodaDo video series and introduced the #SoYouHateSales video series. Also, I shared the story of my first startup (way back from last century).

Make 2018 your year of engagement!

Don’t forget to get your CATScan from Ygetarts – it is complimentary


The #SoYouHateSales series.




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