Week Two: 2018 [Quick little update]

What a crazy fun year 2018 is becoming and it is only 14 days new. Did you get a chance to read my Goodbye 2017 post? If not, read it to find out what a great year 2017 was!

This week I started on a new project – the Ygetarts site.

That’s correct the one you’re reading now.

Truth is that I’m not 100% sure what I want the site will be and that’s the best place to start.


Well, you the readers will tell me. Will be fun to see what this site emerges into during 2018. Let me know what you’d like to have at this site.

All I know is that sites are not created alone and I’m grateful to have an awesome person working on SEO.

Did you miss the Week 1 update? You can read it here. Stay tuned for weekly updates.

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