Week Four: 2018 [Chance to win $50]

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This week was World Economic Forum week at Davos. What does that mean to you? Well, it all depends on what you do for a living. Mainly it is a temperature taking of globalism versus protectionism.

The business world is changing way to fast for old people and way too slow for younger ones.


Technology is certainly the key driver of the change. It is important for us to remember that we are really in the early stages of technological changes. Even though for some of us it seems like technology has always been around. The truth is that the power, speed, and importance is growing faster than ever.

Yet, with all of this growth there is now a deeper divide between those that are technologically savvy versus everyone else.

The idea that technology would bring us closer could correct or wrong. Truth is we don’t know, yet.

What are your thoughts about technology? Is it moving too fast or too slow?

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