January 2018 : Completed !

We are now 1/12th done with 2018. That’s correct, the Holiday’s will come faster than ever. Have you started your Christmas shopping, yet?

Ygetarts had a blast during the first month. We have some fantastic clients in a variety of industries and in various parts of the world: US, Canada, Thailand, Australia, and the UK just to name a few. Meaning our days are never boring and our heads spin with time-zone calls.

Q1 is 1/3rd over.

Here are some general highlights of what’s ahead during the next two months.

  • Many US-based companies are publicly excited via press releases about the new tax breaks – let’s see if they keep that happiness when they start to file new forms
  • The Olympics are about to happen starting February 7th – See full schedule here
  • Korea has of course been in the news during the past year for a variety of reasons. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly
  • It appears the US stock market will melt-up. What does that mean? Well, we’re at historic highs and the truth is fundamentals and earnings are good. Some analysts say US stocks might be overpriced by about 15%. Many feel a correction is coming (5-10%) decrease. Nobody knows what will happen. Everyone hates to try to call a market top
  • So what does the market mean to your business? It really depends. It is important to realize markets can usually only go in one of three directions (a) up (b) down and (c) sideways
  • If your customers are public companies then get as many deals done in Q1 and Q2 as possible. That will hedge you against potential corrections in Q3 and Q4
  • The Federal Reserve is making some changes and a new chairman will find his office in a few days. Most people are expecting 3 to 4 rate hikes this year. Meaning the cheap money will get less cheap.
  • Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog) begins February 8th
  • Taiwan Lantern Festival begins March 3rd
  • The big Football and advertising event known as the Superbowl will happen Sunday February 4th. This year it is Philadelphia Eagles versus the New England Patriots

How do these events impact your business?

Do you have a strategy to bring attention to your product/service during these events?

If not, reach out to Ygetarts.com and get a complimentary CATScan of the business opportunities that you may be missing out on to grow your business.



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