Week Nine: 2018 [What’s new at Ygetarts]

This was a fun week at Ygetarts. Our website team has really come through with some great graphics and helping to make sure there is some quality content here for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Someone this week asked me about our name Ygetarts. What it meant and how to say it? Ygetarts is strategy spelled backwards. The best way to say it is simply Y+Get+Arts. There’s a purpose to that as well. All of the team members that work on our various projects have both had experience on the creative and business side of life. We’re a diverse bunch scattered around the globe.

We’ve done it for big companies. Small ones and all types in between. Public and private ones. Mainly the team simply likes helping our clients to find and resolve their challenge in the shortest time possible. That’s why all of our projects are “build-to-fit” versus “cookie-cutter” services.

The main reason this site evolved was as a tool to expand on some of the topics that I discuss on LinkedIn. This week I added the monthly bonus post (longer than these weekly ones) with tips and tricks for your LinkedIn profiles. This article is especially helpful for B2B clients. You can read it now.

Ygetarts likes to have fun. There are of course still two ways that you might be able to put $50 in your pocket. One is picking the right city for the second Amazon headquarters. The other way is to make sure you fill out our “Is HR Broken?” survey. That survey will end on March 28th.

If you’re a business owner and/or entrepreneur then please try our CATScan service. You can use the form on the homepage or the contact us page to start this process.

It was another bizarre Twitter week last week with the President of the US signaling signs of a trade war. Trade wars by the way never end well for the country that starts it. In the end consumers pay more for a variety of goods and services.

I’m excited as I will be spending some time this week in Singapore hanging out at Neuromarketing World Forum. If you are in Singapore or attending  the event please reach out and let’s grab a tea/coffee.

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