Week 13: 2018 [End of Q1: Are you on track?]

That’s correct, the business year is one-quarter finished.

Do you feel good about it? Not good? Are your numbers up? down? flat? Is it getting warmer where you are? Still cold? You get the point. The end of a quarter lends itself to reflective moments. For some this might have even been the end of your fiscal year making it even more reflective. But what do these questions that pop into our heads really mean?

How would we know if we’re on or off-track?

Don’t get me wrong. I love analysis. One of Ygetarts product line is completely based on analysis for our clients. You can order hourly analysis from us. Now, why would you do that? Well, for the same reason we use outside analysis. We always need other eyes on what we do. We need outside thoughts, opinions, perceptions, attitudes, etc.. to push us forward.

We also it need it so that we don’t get stuck in our heads too much. Remember actions are the keys to productivity.

It’s my hope that your off to a great start for 2018 and that continues. If you’re off track or stuck reach out. Start with our CATScan service because it is complimentary

If you know that you need a one-hour analysis session then order now.

I’ve told everyone to get active on LinkedIn. Video has created a community that is changing the face of the platform. Now they’ve integrated video ads into the platform. It’s not too late to get started. Yet, if you want to long you’ll be playing catch up.

A few weeks ago one of my videos caught a slight controversy around “cold calling” as a sales tactic. That’s become the topic of our Q2 survey “Is Cold-Calling A Positive Sales Tactic?” Feel free to complete the survey as a consumer or sales professional. One lucky person is going to win $100. The survey ends May 13th and we’ll pick the winner on the 14th.

Speaking of surveys, the “Is HR Broken? – And Can It Be Fixed Survey” ended and we picked a $50 winner. 85% feel it is or might be broken and 15% feel HR is not broken. The full report will come out in a few weeks.

Some fun stuff on the Cold Calling. Mark Hunter and myself have agreed to a sales training contest. He will train a team allowed to use cold calling tactics. I will train one that will not use them at all. You can vote on the team that you think will win.

If you’re a company that would like to host the event we need a sales team of 32. So if you’re the owner or CEO of a company in need of sales training and interested in hosting the contest please let us know.

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