Week 16: 2018 [Songkran Thai New Year] | Ygetarts

Spent last week celebrating Songkran – Thailand New Year. For those of you that missed it there are some videos on our Facebook Page

One of the things I love about this celebration is how it forces everyone to remember what it was like being a child. This is so important because that mindset is where the most of our creativity lives. Part of thinking like a child is that we don’t see as many obstacles as we do in adulthood. We don’t think that everyone is bigger or maybe stronger than we are. We just simply play.

The three core values of Ygetarts are fun, prosperity, and diversity. Learning a sense of play certainly ties into fun. This doesn’t mean that we don’t take things seriously – we do. It just means that my team focuses on making things fun.

Looking forward to this week where I’ll be spending some time in Kuala Lumpur.


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