Week 17: 2018 [Social Media Tactics versus Strategy]

I got to spend some time in Kuala Lumpur this week with my friend. She was giving a keynote on bots and did a fantastic job. Since it was her first talk of this size I came out of acting coach retirement to help. It was great fun to hang out with her and one of her other key members. This is what business is all about. Being there when others are having their moments.

One of the things I noticed at the conference is most people are confusing social media tactics with strategy. Truth is it is an easy mistake to make and we all fall into the trap from time-to-time. Strategy is something we do to meet an overall goal. Tactics are a little different because they’re carefully planned to hit a specific end.

I know it doesn’t sound like there’s much of a difference between the two. Yet, there is. Here’s my take on how people make the mistake. If my strategy is to use social media – then it is to my advantage to use all social media tools. Not just the ones I like, enjoy, or feel comfortable with deploying. Another strategy would be not to use social media. That’s of course the goal – the bigger picture.

Where does the tactic trap come into play? With metrics. People forget metrics measure old data and have no correlations to the future. Why? Because nobody can predict the future. People think they can but they can’t. They can predict patterns but not the future. Why? Because people can always change patterns. Especially, once they become aware that they’re being watched or monitored.

It was also fun to photobomb my friend. You can see here keynote on bots here.

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