Is Cold Calling a Positive Sales Tactic? Survey Results is an Overwhelming No

100% of the consumers do not like cold calls. They represent the buyers.

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69% of sales professionals do not like cold calls and 31% do like cold calls. These two groups represent the sellers.

That’s our market to analyze – buyers and sellers.

Most people would realize that when 100% of people say they don’t like something that there isn’t a market. Yet, this isn’t true for 31% of sales people. They just don’t believe that no means no.

There was only one example that we could find to back up the 31% argument. That was a company who sells names, phone numbers and information on people who have bought over the phone to people who cold call. This makes sense because there would be no pushback from buyer or seller. This would be the grey market of cold calling.

Here’s the viewpoint from the 31%. This is why they feel it is positive – even though 100% of customers and 69% of their peers don’t. These are unedited from the survey.

  • Because I do not sell products but solutions
  • It allows one to make a brief introduction and gives one the opportunity to establish report and set the meeting
  • Cold calling can be very targeted and highly conversational. It’s just one tool in the toolbox.
  • It can start a conversation with people and organizations that have never considered or even heard of you. I used it to find non profit organizations that could be linked with students,to provide affordable consulting services. It is however all about how considerate you are on the phone and what value you can add, and how you can explain that.
  • If done with right technique, it opens flood gate of prospects and an ever filling hopper
  • To make intial contact . to start a conversation, to share informative information.
  • That‚ AE’s the first step if no other leads is available
  • You may reach customers that may need or know someone that could use your services. The first phone call can just be informative so it‚ AE’s not like your pressuring your just be friendly and informative
  • Extra deals is always good.
  • I can explain my offering with passion and usally geet an appt
  • In our particular feild I know that the clinics have a need for the products they sell. This is the quickest and most effective way of reaching my target audience
  • Cold Calling leads to interact with people and to close a deal there should be some interaction with your clients

Now, we are adding the comments from the 69% of sales professionals that believe cold calling is not a positive tactic (also unedited). The concept here is for people in the 31% a way of seeing the reasons why other sales professionals do not see cold calling as a beneficial tactic.

  • Usually the targeted caller is concerned with a. how you obtained their info, or they are accustomed to getting calls and end the call abruptly. There is a lot required to warm up the call.
  • Cold calling is not longer the way forward. With this method you loose on exposing to your potential client the “real” value or problem you are going to solve for your client. Clients need to feel there is a relationship of trust first before you do a sales. I believe the pick up call rate for cold callingis near ZERO with the technology we have in place in terms of caller  identifications and the first 10 seconds of that call will just piss people off.
  • Prefer warm call..reach out in some other way..cold calling is not an efficient use of sales time
  • Consumers simply don’t like it because it’s annoying. Lots of hang ups result from cold calling so it’s not effective.
  • The business or sales world has disrupted significantly and “TIME” is the biggest variable, which unfortunately the sales decision makers (clients) don’t have much of! So inbound sales are more effective with scale today through the internet platforms
  • Because everyone hates being sold to – including me – before one even take the time to see if I’m interested in what they have to say. those  who cold call often barge through the sales process with very little thought of the person on the other side of the call. It’s all about the  sale – to hell with everything else.
  • Due to internet, the customer is already informed about many things especially the things he/she needs. I think that cold calling does not work for people who are at a particular stage in the buyer journey. Previously, cold calling was ok to make the customer aware of one’s existence butnow it is a redundant process and ends up wasting time.
  • The younger generation is now all about electronics, they are lacking communication skills or desire to be contacted via e-mails and other electronic methods.
  • I don’t want to receive a cold call and nor do I wish to make them to people who don’t want to receive them. I have had to do it with very little success.
  • 2 main reasons, 1. I dont like the psycological issue it presents to sales people – this pressure adds to the issue of their mental health – and why we have massive burn out in the sales world. 2. we have evolved now from cold calling – Zero Moment of truth!
  • Most people do not answer the phone nor do they want to chat when they didn’t call you first.
  • People hate salespeople that cold call, because they don’t like to be “sold to” by people trying to sell igloos to Eskimos (who are the vast majority of cold callers). That makes it difficult for people selling relevant products/services.
  • It is not focused, typically its done to fill a call log and keep from being terminated. It cost employers alot of time and money training and replacing staff, monitoring crm call reports and decreases employee moral even when they are good employees.
  • Most customers don’t like to be cold called.
  • Unless you’re introducing yourself as a new rep And providing contact info, it’s wasting the customers time
  • Too much wasted time searching for correct numbers and leaving vm. Rarely does a person pick up a number they do not know except for a gatekeeper.
  • You’re expecting people to be open to you when they know nothing about you or your product. It’s also humiliating to the salesperson to be hung up on or yelled at. Why approach people this way?
  • It’s inefficient. Customers have been bombarded by cold calls from salespeople of different industries for years all making grandiose claims about how they can help the customer of only they can get 30 minutes of their time. It’s a weak and self serving method whose time as the gold standard approach to prospecting has passed.
  • The ROI on your time spent is not very high. We are entering a new age of selling. There are other more effective ways.
  • I don’t want a cold call on my phone. Whu would my clients?
  • because of results are better when you plan for meetings than going to the market for meeting without appointments or start selling over the phone. Which I have really felt/analyse in my 8 years of Sales profession with 2 different services. Cold call leave you no where as you do not get much time to utilise ur potential or time.


US Survey n= 50

US Consumers n= 24

US Sales Professionals n = 26

Total  n = 67

Survey quotes include from total


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