Reasons Buyers, Customers, and Consumers Do Not Want Cold Calls

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What was amazing about this survey was that 100% of consumers did not want cold calls. Even a few years ago that number wouldn’t have been as complete. There would have been people saying things like, “They’re just doing their job” or “I’m older and alone so I enjoy talking.” We didn’t see any of those responses.

What is important to realize is that cold calling is dead to the consumer. They don’t want it and of course that’s why they’ve helped to create laws against the behavior.

The 69% of sales professionals who also do not believe in cold calls will have no trouble reading these responses.

The 31% of sales professionals who believe cold calling is positive will have a difficult time reading and Ygetarts will get into the reasons why in the Analysis portion that we will post tomorrow.

Responses are unedited

  • I feel as if it intrusive of my time. These days even my friends send me a message if it’s OK to call
  • It’s not personal, and often, the call comes at the most inconvenient time. Most people calling don’t even ask if it’s a good time to talk.
  • Too pushy, impersonal, all about them, not about me as a consumer
  • I like to research the topic and know a bit about who I’m talking with on the phone. If I’m not knowledgeable on the topic or don’t know enough about the salesperson or product/service, I’m unlikely to make a decision on the spot or agree to any follow-up. I typically will not even answer any unexpected calls from unknown numbers.
  • People calling or messaging me that don’t know what I need or want just annoy me and cause me to want to say no, even if I might otherwise want the product or service.
  • The manner in which the sales call is conducted initially or the fact that you try and communicate you are not interested and they keep going!
  • Because I like to take control of the situation of a purchase of a product I have an interest in that I am to purchase!
  • Interrupting, annoying, assumes I’m stupid and can’t identify and find the solution I need using SEO and my expertise. I indentu operations failures and enjoy seeking best solutions. Plus I hate the feeling of rejecting someone. I often politely string them along wasting both our resources and energy.
  • It’s annoying
  • If I want something, I will look into it myself.
  • I don’t like random people trying to sell me stuff. Especially if it is something I really don’t need.
  • Not personal. Usually pushy
  • I don ‘t like being bothered
  • Have not been given a valid reason why I have been contacted specifically.
  • It usually is for something I don’t want.
  • Has a negative stigma behind it.
  • it’s intrusive to my day/workflow and most times the person doesn’t speak to me the way I like to be spoken to…in plain english. I already know they are going to sell to me so I detach. I always ask them if I won anything, if they are giving me money… 😀 Not one ever said yes… and if that person was clever they would have got my attention for the next 2 minutes.
  • I’m too darn busy to get into unexpected 30 min sales convos.
  • i didn’t initiate the contact and it might be because i don’t need tge product
  • It has been always irrelevant and wasting my time.
  • It bugs ???? me
  • It’s impersonal and typically catches me off guard at a time when I’m not interested in buying.
  • Need establish a relationship beforehand
  • It’s annoying.
  • They work from a script and have no real interest in me or in connecting.
  • I did not ask. This is an unwelcome invasion of privacy

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