Week 21: Q2 Has One Month Left [Full Cold Calling Report Out This Week]

Hard to believe that Q2 of 2018 2/3rds done this week.

Ygetarts had a lot of fun this week promoting the release of our “Is Cold Calling a Positive Sales Tactic?” report. The full report comes out May 28th.

The survey started because I got trolled on one of my LinkedIn Video posts for the series #SoYouHateSales

The troll has since deleted their comments.

Anyway, that’s how the concept of doing the cold calling survey got created. I did not realize that there was a church of cold calling and I’d apparently upset them. I called them out and created the survey because of curiosity to find out if I was wrong. Ygetarts ran the survey for two months.

This interaction of being attacked by strangers because I was simply saying something they didn’t agree with was quite interesting to explore. How would I turn that into an opportunity that was fun? That’s when the #TurnTrollsIntoContent campaign got started. Ygetarts built our TRT (Troll Response Team) and moved on with our lives.

We got another round of trolling when we posted the cartoon last week – as a promotional tease for the report coming out this week.

Of course the trolling started again with another round of self-proclaimed cold calling gurus. They of course deleted their comments when I called them out. Sometimes that’s all it takes – a little calling out.

This is a way to handle trolls. Don’t back down. Don’t hide. Don’t run. Don’t let anyone try to knock you down simply so they can build themselves up. Have fun. If anyone trolls you, reach out to the Troll Response Team. We’ll help you to turn it into content and have fun in the process. Remember trolls aren’t interested in a conversation. They’re only interested in the attack. When you beat them at their own game they run away and move on to another target.

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