Week 22: Are You Ready For 2019? [GrowSales.Today]

In less than 30-days 2018 will be halfway over. For a business owner this means looking at 2019 now. Why? Well, we’re almost done with Q2 and most successful businesses are always looking at the next two-to-four quarters. Mega successful ones are always fine-tuning their three-year plans. My hope is that you’re on track and focused. If not, then Ygetarts can to help you to get on track.

This week Ygetarts is rolling out some services for businesses of all sizes. While the Is Cold Calling a Positive Sales Tacticstarted out as a response to LinkedIn church of cold calling trolls; we find a few things that were quite serious.

GrowSales.Today opens up sales training services normally only available to our consulting clients. We have a free service for those of you tight on money and you can register for Grow Sales Today Gang Weekly Email

Grow Sales Today Gang

Weekly email tricks on how to grow your sales without ever making another cold sales call in your life.

If you’re just starting out your businesses there are two services for under $25 monthly. The Basic Package is $9.99 per month or the Core Package priced at $24.99 monthly.

Our Business Package is fantastic for a company that’s been in business for 3+ years, high-level sales professionals, and/or sales managers. The cost is $249.99 a month.

Private Training is also available with a 10-Module Package. The cost is $2499 and the course can be completed in two-weeks, ten-weeks, or ten-months by simply going at your pace.

December 1st & 2nd Ygetarts will have a weekend training for business owners that want to grow their revenues by never making another cold call in their life.


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