Week 23: Creating Content [ Tips & Shows]

Ygetarts had a busy past few weeks of production. We’ve got the new sales training site up GrowSales.Today. If you need help with growing your company sales or need strategies to deal with a horrible sales manager check it out. Yes, we’re still making fun of those Church of Cold Calling types via ColdCalling.Rehab – it seems they trolled the wrong person a few months ago.

I say this a bit on this site – there’s a massive amount of creativity going on over at LinkedIn. Lila Smith, Kira Day, Jake Jordan, and Bobby Umar created a # campaign called #10Tips10Days campaign. My first 6 tips appeared on LinkedIn last week. However, since I’m launching some new content this week I had to put the remaining seven tip videos in this post.

Very excited about this new little unnamed show that I’m doing with Chantel Soumis where I try to explain millennials to old people. You can find that show on my LinkedIn page or by following the Facebook Ygetarts page.  Make sure that you’re following all the people who I linked to in this post. They’re super smart, talented, and all worth hiring.

Oh, and you can now listen to the test episodes of Do Not Listen to This Podcast on iTunes. Full episodes coming Fall 2018.

Here’s a little taste of what is to come this week.


Here’s the list of the #10Tips10Days that are on LinkedIn

#1 Focus On Deals Rather Than Transactions https://lnkd.in/f7RAmde

#2 Know Your Numbers

#3 Know Your Inventory  

#4 Know Your Margins

#5 Know Your Leverage

#6 Know Your Target Customer

The lost episodes are below with expanded tips underneath.

#7 Do Not Skip Pre-Qualification

#8 Say No To Bad Business

#9 Focus On Referrals Not Testimonials

#10 Never Make Another Cold Call In Your Life


Skipping pre-qualification causes many problems. We need to know if the person we’re talking before doing business. (1) Can they pay us? (2) Can they pay us in a reasonable time-frame? (3) Who are we up against?

Once we get the answers to these questions then we can decide if this is a person that we should do business with today and moving forward. One very important thing to pay attention to at this stage. If the person is cheap then walk away. That type of person isn’t interested in really growing business. They’re overly focused on keeping costs low. While that’s important if it is their main focus then when you do succeed they’ll want to short you on profits.

Not all business is good business. If you missed a toxic personality during the pre-qualification and started working for or with them – show them the exit door immediately. Toxic customers are energy vampires. They suck your time. As we saw in some of the earlier tips time is more important than money. We can always make more money. We will never get the last fifteen minutes back. Time is finite. Money is infinite.

Referrals are so much more important than testimonials. Testimonials are easily faked. However, when you have customers coming into your business via other customers most of your sales prep work is already finished. Then it simply becomes a conversation between us and the potential new customer. Plus, the good news is referrals have built-in accountability The people who referred will be talking about you. That’s important because it brings a deeper level of accountability. We grow businesses by being of service to our customers. Really they are our bosses.

Final tip – the year is 2018 – not 1994. Cold calls and cold emails are anti-social. They create doubt. Why is this person calling me? Emailing me? What do they want? What are they trying to sell me? Even more important they’re time wasters. The amount of time that it takes to research a potential client is of course – time wasted – unless we’re doing it as analysis to buy some stock in their company. Really, it’s just a bunch of busy work. Now, here’s the BONUS tip – they kill your leverage! Business deals happen when people are coming to us. Focus on putting out content. Do workshops. Speak. Get on calls without trying to sell anything. Have fun!

If you need help growing your business please let me know Ygetarts can help. If you’d like to chat here’s a great place to start.

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