Week 24: The World Cup [The Power of Global Marketing]

The World Cup is a unique global marketing event that happens every four years. Football (Soccer to US readers) brings great national pride from citizens of various countries. What’s great about watching the games is to see how excited the crowds from each country are because they are at the World Cup. Think of it – these people come from all over the world to watch their teams play in another country.

This means they had to hear about the event. Decide to go to the event. Book airline tickets, hotels, and rental cars. Prepare to leave their homes for up to a month – if their team wins. Then they had to wait between that decision to actually attending the event.

Does your marketing deliver that? Does your company or business put on an event?

Are you strong enough in your marketing that customers come to you or are you always chasing customers?

Marketing is no easy thing. When sales go south it tends to get blamed. When sales go up sales teams tend to take credit.

Marketing is one of the most misunderstood tools for a business. There are many things owners can do with little or no money that produce fantastic results. The most important thing to remember about marketing is that it’s dynamic. It has to evolve. Avoid rigidity at all costs.

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