Week 25: End of Q2 2018 [Are You Ready for 2019?]

This is the last week of Q2 for 2018. What does that mean for a business owner. Well, it is a great time to take an inventory of how certain aspects of your business take away your time. That’s right. One of the top reasons businesses find themselves in times of trouble is not paying attention to the warning signs as they come to us.

So how does an entrepreneur avoid that trap?

It is a great question and unfortunately one with no single answer. I can only share how I do it. Feel free to borrow the process.

  1. Journaling – I’m constantly journaling and this helps me a bit. When I started doing this I had everything in one place (one book) and I quickly saw how overwhelming my business and personal lives where. There were so many things going on and it was very difficult to find what was an opportunity versus a threat. Then I got the idea to do a personal journal for each project. This changed my life. I noticed that there were only a few things that needed journaling. Remember our minds like to play tricks on us through categorization and organization. We all feel our way of organizing is the gold standard. In a way it is, but just to us.
  2. Reviewing – The journaling is only part of the journey. Reviewing is of course the next phase. So for my personal and business I keep two running six-month journals. I’m constantly reviewing them. Looking for patterns that are positive, negative, and neutral. Yet, I give the random ideas and thoughts space. I don’t write it and check it in the same day. Usually, I’m reviewing every two-weeks. Mostly I’m looking for trends which can lead to opportunities.
  3. Noticing – Noticing is the next part of the process for me. I’m noticing what problems tend to solve themselves versus the ones that need my attention. The other main reason for journaling is I can track my moods. We all have moods. One great piece of advice that I got in therapy years ago was never to make a major decision when I was too up or down. This makes sense. We all have moods. Those moods will define our actions. Being mindful of where I’m at on a personal level is critical when making a business decision.
  4. Letting Go – This is so important. It’s also something that took me decades to understand. Everything isn’t going to get done. Everything isn’t important. Everything is not important. Once I’ve noticed the patterns then it is time to let go of anything that doesn’t serve my goal for the business.
  5. Action – Going through the above process usually gets me down to two or three doable ideas that can work. Then it is an issue of my resources. If I have the resources to take action on all three then I get them started. If two, then I decide which two. If one, then what is the best possible idea to match my resources.

I hope that helps. Have a great week. Ygetarts added a few things this week worth noting.

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