Week 26: 2018 Is Now Starting to Be More Than Halfway Over [Trade Wars, World Cup, and More]

Wow! We are halfway done with 2018. It seems like 2017 was just six months ago. Oh, wait. It was. I hope that you took the time over the last few weeks to do an inventory of your business. What’s working? Make sure to bump it up during the next few months. What’s not working? Before you throw out that great idea ask yourself – what’s my part in it? What could I change? Adjust? Delegate? Then integrate those adjustments. What’s run its course? Look things don’t last forever. We have to change our products and services to match the market. Sometimes it is time to say goodbye to things.

I continue my World Cup addiction and that has me covered until late in the evening of July 15th.

What are your summer plans?

On a serious note – the trade war crap is getting real. For those of you who haven’t been through one of these, it isn’t fun. Nobody wins.

Make sure that you understand uncertainty will create buyers to be cautious. This usually has a direct impact on service businesses that are luxury related first. Try your best to close 2019 deals within the next 30-days.

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