Week 27: Christmas Inches Closer to Us Daily [Trade War Gets Real]

A few weeks ago, I did my semi-annual business housecleaning. It’s an important routine that I’ve done for many years. Doing a business is never easy. We have all kinds of moving parts. Most of us enjoy staying on top of the details in the areas we enjoy. We also naturally try to avoid those areas that take more thought.

If you haven’t done one then I suggest you do it today. Here’s a business inventory guide to get you started.

  1. Get an empty journal and a few pens
  2. Start writing about what is working on an emotional level
  3. Then start writing about what is not working on an emotional level
  4. See if you can find an emotional pattern first before looking at the financial aspects
  5. At the end of that part ask yourself one simple question – Am I still enjoying this? 
    1. If the answer is yes – move forward
    2. If the answer is no – find what is draining you emotionally
    3. Get rid of that crap
    4. Move forward
  6. Then start writing about what is working on a financial level
  7. Then tackle the topic of what is not working
  8. Then do a review of your resources
    1. Emotional
    2. Financial
    3. Physical
    4. Team members
    5. Other
  9. Then remove what is not working for you financially
  10. Deploy your resources towards the items that are working for you financially

Keep it simple and have fun.

The trade war is no joke. It will have direct and indirect impacts on business and consumers actions. Be ready for a decrease in purchases of luxury products/services. These will be the first cut from budgets.

If you are in that space then it is time to make some serious adjustments. There are more headwinds showing that your market will decrease in the next 18 months. Not a worry – if you make the adjustments now. Make sure you can market your services as necessary and not secondary.

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