Week 28: World Cup Final [ Global Risk]

One of the things that I love most about the World Cup is the country pride in the teams. The event comes around every four years and it reminds us that the world is both bigger than we can imagine and smaller than we want to admit.

It is also more connected than ever before through technology. Plus, we haven’t even scratched the surface and when technologies like 5G become available to the masses we will see even more unique interactions.

Yes, these changes are exciting, fun, and hopeful.

However, they also come with risk.

Like most things in life, Globalization gets viewed from two very strong perspectives. Good for some. Bad for others. Yet, the truth lies more in the middle.

I like to remind clients that usually the real answer is in the middle. If we view something as good then we’ll want it. If we view it as bad then we won’t wish it. Yet, nothing is all good or all bad. Chocolate is good for most people. Unless you’re allergic to it, then it’s very bad.

The important thing for business owners is to ask ourselves – do we serve our clients locally or globally?

One is not better than the other.

Isolationism never works long-term. I believe the reason is most things are fluid and not fixed.

Just be aware that what is great for you, might be devastating for someone else. Try to find the answers in the middle and not on the edges.

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