Week 29: Isolation Never Wins

The past few weeks have been quite disturbing. Never in my lifetime have I seen a World Leader be so disrespectful and arrogant. Now, if you are for the guy then you will find ways to spin his behavior in a positive way. The inverse is true if you’re against him.

So, how does a business owner survive this kind of uncertainty and chaos?

One must have a clear strategy and remember that this will be a temporary thing. That does not mean the damage being done won’t last longer than the event. Also, there is a chance that what looks like damage now sorts itself out.

Here’s the math truth of it – everything eventually most things have a regression to the mean.

What does this mean? Get it.

It means that everything tends to cluster to the average.

So start there and map out your business strategy to get from point A to B. This is especially true for those that are emotional one way or the other on this topic.

Here’s a process to use that can get you started.

  1. Estimate the Duration – How long do you think things will last like this? A few more months, years, decades, longer? If you feel something will happen that will get this person out of office before the end of his term then your duration is less than a few years. If you feel that it is a one term thing then you’ll be slightly over two years. If you’re in the camp that believes a second term then your duration is a little over six years. If you’re really upset and think the issues will continue beyond the term then how much longer 5, 10, 15, 20 years?
  2. Fact Is That It Won’t Last Forever – Nothing does. That’s the good news regardless of what side you’re on in this scenario.
  3. Will Other World Leaders Push Back? – That’s an interesting dynamic. If they do does that shorten the time for #1 or extend it?
  4. Now, Ask Yourself What Is The Direct Impact On My Business – So if your business relates to something with a tariff then that’s either now or very soon.
  5. Then Look At The Macro Impact – When will it indirectly impact my business? Meaning customers spending less?
  6. Now One Starts To See Why So Many People Fail At Strategy – People either go too deep in their analysis or not deep enough.
  7. What’s the solution?

The solution is to reset your business to zero every day until the chaos passes. This means you treat every day as fresh. Why? Well, the only way to beat chaos is to stay calm in it!

If you need a specific business strategy contact Ygetarts today. Have a great week.

We are always here to help you grow your business and have fun.


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