Week 33: Burnout Prevention

Burnout is a fact of life for everyone. Not just entrepreneurs.

Here are some tips to help prevent burnout.

  1. Keep a Journal – If it isn’t making sense on paper it won’t magically materialize in the real world. If it is anxiety-ridden within the writing then it’ll be even worse in the real world. Writing allows us to see what we can eliminate or where we might be wasting time.
  2. Value Time Over Money – We can always make more money. We will never get more time. If we waste time we are most certainly setting ourselves up for failure. Journaling will help to monitor the best use of time.
  3. Don’t Do Anything Alone – This one gets a bit confusing for some. It is certainly okay to spend some time alone thinking and trying to figure things out. Yet, once we’ve done that it is critical to run it by others. Nothing of value gets done by just us.
  4. Monitor – Track the ups and downs of the numbers. This is important because the ups and downs are the actual processes. Know the mean and understand most things will regress to the mean over time.
  5. Keep it Fun – Never under-estimated the value of fun.
  6. Get a Routine – This will help to motivate us on a down day and it will keep us grounded on the giant wins.
  7. Add Whatever Works for You to the List – The six ideas above are designed to get you started. Create your own list because ownership of a process always wins. 

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