Week 36: Monetization Tips

The key tip for monetization is to make sure that your content is solid first and that an audience has been built.

These two things are more important than any monetization tips or tricks that you’ll find while doing a Google search.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is trying to go too big and too fast.

Creativity takes time. So many people want to jump the development phase. Yet, the phase is very similar to giving birth – it will take you about 9 months to figure out what the heck you’re actually doing.

It will also take about the same period to determine who your target customers are and most important are not!

Once you have your clear product/service in mind and the content is matching that message your audience will be more clearly defined. For example, if your entry level price point is $2500 that will be a different audience than an entry point of $25.

Don’t skip this important step of development. Build the audience then let them tell you where they’re willing to monetize. Then of course monetize and deliver results for your customers.

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