Week 40: Social Media Content Creation is Different from Traditional Story Structure

Working with some clients via our site https://socialmediadoesnothavetosuck.com we found some interesting patterns worth exploring.

It appears that younger people, we’ll use 25 and under for that one, do not have a problem with creating content for social media. What challenges them is how to represent themselves in a way that connects to older generations – especially if they’re going on a job path rather than an entrepreneurial one.

They are not blocked by the idea of creating content. They’re concerned about being perceived as too young. One tip that we give them is to focus on creating content that is centered around their generation. This allows themselves to present their opinions, observations, thoughts, etc. in a way that is automatically connected to an older generation needing to access their mindset.

The best example of this is a “landing page” because landing pages did not exist for most older people. Wikipedia gives credit to Microsoft starting that concept in 2003.

The concept then starts to take of in 2009 and in a few months it will be 10-years later bringing us into 2019. Most landing page experts are going to be younger than the people needing to buy that service. This gives them no room to judge and say things like, “Well, we didn’t do it that way back in blah, blah, blah!”

So, if you know your stuff on this topic and are in their prices range creating content around that as a great chance of delivering you a sales.

Older people have a different challenge. They’re worried about how they will look or they’re trying to create social media content in a traditional storytelling model. A model that really doesn’t apply to social media content creation.

For them, I’m doing a series of Webinars. One per month during October, November, and December.

You can see the first one for October called Story Is Not Important for Social Media Content is now available.

Anyone that watches the Webinar can schedule a 30-minute content creation session via this Calendly link. The fee is $49.99. If you order, before November 1, 2018, we’ll give you a BOGO (Buy 1 Session Get 1 Free). Book your session now https://calendly.com/bobbythebear/bobby-the-bear-social-media-consulting

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