Week 41: We’re Making a Movie In Las Vegas (May 2019)

That’s right! Bobby the Bear has had a meteoric rise on social media including LinkedIn and YouTube.

He just finished up interviewing 101 people on LinkedIn and we found out his #1 Fan is most likely Calvin. 

Bobby’s #1 Fan Appears to be Calvin

The film will be shooting in Las Vegas during May of 2019 and our GoFundMe account is starting off strong crossing $1100 in the first two weeks. We have some fun perks including having your name in the film.

There are also some product placement and executive producer packages available. If you have a question about the film or the wrap party in Vegas feel free to schedule a 15-Minute call.

If you are in need of content creation coaching or strategy make sure to book a half-hour session with Bobby the Bear. This will certainly get your social media on track for 2019 and beyond.

Visit https://socialmediadoesnothavetosuck.com/social-media-consulting/ to order.

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