Week 44: Elections & Holidays

Well, there is no way around it – we are all closer to 2019 than we want to admit. Businesses can fall into a variety of categories over the holiday season.

Here are a few potential scenarios

  • Successful and confident
  • Successful and neutral
  • Successful and paranoid
  • Somewhat successful and overconfident
  • Somewhat successful and delusional
  • Failing and arrogant
  • Falling and paralyzed
  • Failning and desperate

What categories would you add to the list?

The main thing to keep in mind this time of year is quite simply that we have time to think about where we want to be a year from now.

If we’re unhappy in our situation today, we can take that as a signal to no longer think about making changes. We need to get into the action of change.

If we’re happy then it is a great time to figure out how we’re going to give back.

Now, is a perfect time to make sure your key 2019 projects are in place and that we’re working towards turning them into a successful reality a year from now.

Have a great week.

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