Week 45: Persistence

Probably the most important thing for any business owner to remember on a daily basis is the power of persistence.

All businesses have a cycle.

All products have a cycle.

All services have a cycle.

See a pattern here. 

Do you know what else has a pattern? People

Too often business owners forget that they’re human. Many of us thinks that the rules don’t apply to us. Yet, the do. We’re human. We have moods. We have emotions.

This means our business could be doing fantastic but we’re in a sour mood. Which translates to not celebrating the success in the moment. The inverse is true, too. Our business could be crashing and burning but we feel great.

That is a powerful gift. To understand that no matter what happens with our business, product, or service we will be okay.

We can’t attach our self-esteem to business metrics.

Remember, persistence will get us through the rough times. It will also prevent us from doing something not so smart during the good times, too.

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