Week 49: What If I Am Wrong?

This is a very important question to ask ourselves as we move forward in a business or a career.

Business culture over the centuries has always changed. Yet, one thing has remained pretty constant over the years.

People enjoy, celebrate, and target for wins.

People tend to bury, hide, and try to forget the losses.

Yet, math will support the later as being dominant. Every time we make a choice we increase our chances of being wrong.

We simply have to make too many decisions in one day. Compound that by 365 days of decisions and guess what – we will certainly be wrong more than we will be right.

Here’s the good news – so is everyone else.

This means it is important for us to create not only a safe space for being wrong. We need to create an even safer space to celebrate those missteps.

How can we do that?

Below is a suggested system to tackle this very issue and to have some fun with it during the process.

  1. Keep a daily journal of your decisions. In the beginning, we’ll just be writing down decisions we’ve made. The goal will be to target journaling decisions before you make them. The simple truth is – if it doesn’t work on paper it won’t magically appear in the real world.
  2. Remember making no decision is worse than make the wrong decision. There are many reasons for this. The most important one centers around being paralyzed because we will always find more reasons not to try something than to give it a go.
  3. In the diary also write your targets. Keep it simple and specific. Something like, “I want to generate $3,000 in new business during the month.”
  4. Track the targets. Are we hitting them? Are we missing them? If we’re not, are they realistic? If we’re hitting them are we under setting our goals. Goals between slightly out of our comfort zone and extremely difficult are the best.
  5. Review weekly – Take a look at what our actions were this week and the results. However, remember actions aren’t instant results. We may have had a positive sale this week. Yet, the decision that started that result initiated weeks, months, or years ago.
  6. Quarterly and annual reviews – are similar to #5 but your focus needs shedding and pivots. What products/services need retiring? To be introduced?

I hope this helps. Remember, there’s nothing with being wrong. There’s absolutely something crazy about creating a narrative that we’re always right. File that one under horrible ideas.

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