Week 50-52: End of Year & 2019 Preview

Ygetarts enters its fourth year of being on the planet in 2019. The third-year of any business is always a tricky one. Once a business gets past the survival stage of the first 18-months. It really becomes about targeting healthy growth. I often see this challenge with many of my clients who want to grow too fast, too soon.

There’s a magical thing about enjoying the middle. Personally, 2019 was a more active role for me online in a visual way. I’m always working behind the scenes.

I started this weekly diary journal idea because there was so much going on within LinkedIn land that I wanted to track the progress. Also, a commitment to writing something every week was extremely helpful. Not too much. Not too little.

The diary format will come to an end with this post because other projects have emerged. I will still add content to this site on a regular basis – but it will be more informative than personal progress.

Anyone that has read one single article on this site has been a giant supporter of mine. There are some changes ahead for 2019.

Here you go….

Monday – We will launch a new episode of Bobby the Bear on his YouTube channel. Please follow and subscribe.https://youtube.com/bobbythebear

Tuesday –Bobby the Bear doesn’t take his Bearfluencer responsibilities and every Tuesday – he will feature some new people who you should connect with on LinkedIn. Follow this page for those postings – https://www.linkedin.com/in/rogerwilko/

Wednesday –Every Wednesday, I’ll be offering three (3) complimentary one-hour sales training sessions for people living in the United States. I might expand this to other countries after we’ve finished filming the Bobby the Bear movie https://growsales.today  (one per person per year)

Every Wednesday, I’ll also be releasing an episode of “Do Not Listen to This Podcast!” This series will help you to grow a business idea, product, or service with little or no resources to a practical cash flow generator – https://donotlistentothispodcast.com

Thursday –  Another episode of #TalkToTheBear releases on YouTube. https://youtube.com/bobbythebear

Friday – Will be filled with more surprises and adventures.

Don’t forget to jump in and support the Bobby the Bear film via GoFundMe here – https://www.gofundme.com/bobbythebearmovie

You can also pre-order his book “Social Media Doesn’t Have to Suck! 7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media” here https://bearfluencer.com

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