January 2019


We’re entering the third week of 2019. Valentine’s day is less than a month away. It seems like there’s some holiday every month! Last year I did weekly reviews on this site, and it was a fantastic way to be accountable for putting out content on a regular basis.

This year for the Ygetarts site, I’ll blog monthly. Most likely in the middle of the month like this one. Don’t fear though because I have lots of content for you.

On Monday and Thursday, there are new episodes of Bobby the Bear on YouTube.

Wednesday is a new episode of Do Not Listen to This Podcast!

We’re also working on the Bobby the Bear film and book – Social Media Does Not Have to Suck!

Oh, and we have some sales training available. We’re also killing sales myths every Wednesday.

In short, we’ve got all kinds of fun content for you.

Today we started a fun survey that emerged out of a post that kind of went a little crazy on LinkedIn.

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