Margins Matter: How to solve internal battles over sales and marketing during a pandemic.

The bottom line is everyone has a bias when it comes to which is more important sales or marketing.

Even in normal times, there would be open battles and disagreements brewing under the surface.

Now, add in a pandemic.

Then things which were brewing under the surface come are harder for people to hide. They spill out. The conflict goes from subtle to open warfare.

Here’s the truth.

Both sales and marketing are important.

The degree to which is more important depends on where you are in the phase of a business or product line.

In the beginning, awareness will be more important than sales.

Eventually, sales will be more important than awareness.

So, how do we solve the internal battle during a pandemic?

Remember, everyone is concerned that they may lose their job, through no fault of their own.

So they naturally start to protect their turf.

Sales people will say they’re critical.

Marketing people will say they’re not disposable.

Get everyone to understand to focus on margins.

Force the sales people to make decisions based on the best margins.

Guide the marketing people to create ideas for increasing margins.

Margins let us know the amount of profit we are or are not making – as a team!

Understanding margins takes some time.

It doesn’t happen overnight.

In simple terms – the margin is what % of a dollar in that remains in our pocket.

The sales person will believe that more sales are always better.

However, a seasoned CEO understands sales that can’t be properly serviced end up being a drain on margins.

The marketing person will believe more exposure is always better.

However, exposing ourselves to people who will never be a customer ends up being a waste of time and resources.

If you would like to get our general tips on understanding margins for your unique business- send us a message.

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