Using Quiet Time to Grow Your Business

There’s a concept called quiet time.

The idea is every morning before you start your day make sure to have some quiet time. I like to use 15 minutes.

This is 15 minutes, where one does nothing. Just sits with themselves.

In the beginning, it is uncomfortable, but it gets easier with each day.

So, how do you apply this to grow your business?

  1. Make sure you have a space that’s conducive to nurture quiet time
  2. Give yourself 15-minutes of doing nothing
  3. In the end, write down three things that you want to get done today

Then start to take action on those three things.

Do this daily, for a week, and guess what 21 things get done.

Do it for a year and 1,095 things get done.

The good news is we can use the quiet time concept multiple times during the day. Especially, if we get overwhelmed.

What are your thoughts?

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