Grow by getting a hobby

Growing your business is as simple as getting a hobby. Why?

Well, it gets your mind looking at a completely different set of challenges. That forces us to not only be a learner but to have an open mind.

The hobby can be anything.

Mine currently is golfing.

This forces me to do the following

  • Work with a coach
  • Take lessons
  • Practice
  • Play
  • Pushes me to do better
  • Grow beyond my limits
  • Celebrate the successes
  • Address the failures
  • and so much more

Every golf shot is different.

Just like every business problem is different.

In business we can fall into the trap of thinking we’ve seen it all before.

Yet, that’s just not true.

We’ve never seen what is in front of us right now.

Hobbies force us to seek outside help from people who are further along the path than us. Don’t forget to do just that in your business. It might be a coach, consultant, or therapist. But make sure that you’re getting an outside perspective

To get better we have to take lessons, practice, play, learn, and grow.

Make sure to get a hobby.


What are your thoughts?

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