Email Business Consulting

(This service is for businesses with under 5 employees. Pets are not considered employees)

Sometimes you simply need email support to grow your business.

We’ve introduced a new service to help you grow your business starting today.

Make this moment the last moment that you’re growing your business by yourself.

It provides you access to business consulting services via email

  1. You send an email with a specific business question or statement (examples)
    1. My sales seem down
    2. My marketing seems a bit difficult to track
    3. My business is expanding, who do I need to add as an employee versus outside contractor?
    4. I’m getting some international business request, but I’m having a difficult time figuring out if they are real
    5. I want to know how much my company is worth, if I went to sell it
    6. I don’t understand margins
    7. How much prudent reserves should I have on the balance sheet?
  2. We will reply with some clarification questions
  3. Once we are clear, we will provide you with three potential solutions to that issue.

Remember, consulting is quite different a business coach.

All of our team members have over 15 years business experience and many have MBA’s.

What you get? Ask questions about any of these topics

  • Business consulting via email
    • sales
      • online
      • traditional
      • organic
      • proactive
      • prospecting
    • marketing
      • online
      • traditional
      • organic
      • proactive
    • customer service
      • satisfaction
      • recovery
      • upsell opportunities
    • financial analysis
      • overall financial health of your company
      • suggested prudent reserves
      • margin analysis
      • projections
      • valuations
      • cash flow analysis
    • operations
      • hiring
      • motivation
      • organizational behavior
      • international challenges
    • international
      • cross cultural management
      • leadership challenges
      • management challenges