Are you diverse?

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Ironically, most people are not. And by default most companies are not.

So don’t be upset if you are not diverse – because you can make that happen.

We all of course bring our personal experience to the table. And even worse, we all tend to think our background is the right background.

The baggage we all bring is of course our race, country of origin, politics, age, opinions, perceptions, assumptions, language, education level, income, sex, religion, sexuality, and various personality traits.

The problem is, we tend to not see that stuff as baggage. We see it as our personality. But guess what it is baggage. We have to own it, even if we don’t see it.

Because guess what – others see it.

One of the first things they teach in any cross-cultural business class is the number one problem is search for similarity.

We are all looking for people like us to validate us. And that’s were we are 100% responsible and accountable for creating the issue of not being diverse.

LinkedIn just recently posted the 25 Growth Roles for the US and guess what came in at Number 2 – Diversity and Inclusion Manager

So, where do we start?

How do we get more diverse?

  1. Look around – do most of the people in your organization look like you. Are they the same color, sex, age, etc? If you answer, yes. That’s a problem.
  2. Having one friend in a category – if you have only one friend in a specific category that’s another red flag. You’ve got to do deeper on this one. Why are you not putting in the work to get to know other types of people?
  3. Embrace what you don’t know – when you embrace what you don’t know, it becomes easier to find common ground

Make 2022 the last year that you’re not aware of your own cultural biases.

What are your thoughts?

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