Ygetarts Business Consulting

  • Be a Loser

    Losing gets a bad rap. Yet, sometimes we actually win when we lose. There is an irony here. Sometimes our competition is so focused on winning that they may not see a bigger prize. We’d Love to Work With You If you have a question prior to purchase contact us

What we do…

Ygetarts is strategy spelled backwards.

This is because we solve business challenges from a different perspective.

We work with all types of companies public, private, and individuals.

Some accomplishments

  • We’ve been remote working internationally for over 10 years
  • Developed E-commerce sites that collectively generate over 100 million in sales
  • Launched hundreds of social media content based projects which generate sustainable revenues for individuals and companies
  • Created effective remote training video sessions for coaching, consulting, and tutoring

Where should you start…

Do you need business consulting

Hourly or monthly services are available.

Need sales training

You can now order our private sales training here. It includes four key sales lessons

  • What are you selling?
  • Who is the buyer?
  • How does the customer find us?
  • Why does the customer choose us over the competition?

Each week you get an assignment, send us the answers, and then we do a private chat to go over the answers.

Also, after the training, you’ll get 30-days of email support to answer any questions about the training.

This allows us to tailor the training specifically to what you need to sell.