About Ygetarts

Ygetarts name is strategy spelled backwards. Ygetarts enjoys looking at challenges for our clients from all angles. This helps to prevent rigidity. Rigidity is of course the weakness for all businesses because it creates a strong set of thoughts – that are usually not based in facts. Facts are important – because we can grow from them. Sometimes we won’t like the facts and the challenge becomes to accept them and target a new destination.

Ygetarts company values are prosperity, fun, and diversity.

Prosperity is what business owners or C-suite executives seek for their venture – a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune*.

Fun is important to us because laughter really is the best medicine. Work is important and it must bring a sense of fun – otherwise why torture ourselves?

Diversity is our favorite word for growth. Getting outside opinions from a variety of sources not only ensures new daily energy – it results in prosperity and fun.

Ygetarts has four areas of service focus for our clients – consulting, analysis, training, and strategy

Consulting was a $251 billion dollar industry in 2016 that had grown at a 4.1% rate between 2011-16. Technology makes up 20%, HR 12%, Finance 28%, Operations 28%, and Strategy 12%.

Business consulting services are not something simply limited to large companies on major stock exchanges around the world. Anytime a business owner, entrepreneur, or c-suite manager is getting an outside opinion or service that is consulting.

Consulting is just another word for getting an outside opinion, perspective, and suggestions. When an entrepreneur orders a website – they’re ordering a consulting service.

Business analysis services are extremely important from a data standpoint. Numbers will always help business owners to make stronger decisions – especially those types of owners who prefer to go with their intuition or gut feelings.

Why? Going on intuition is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to get them from point A to point B. Yet, we are not always right in those choices. Without the data we can learn from the mistakes – making them actually valuable.

Creating a system of business analytics to track progress is one of the most important choices any business owner has to make.

Training especially in sales and social media marketing are extremely important for business owners today. Sales in general is going through a major change due to technology because certain parts of the sales process are now automated and others simply have to have a human interaction.

Many of the tactics that worked last century are no longer valid and actually counter-productive. Some of the sales process points are still valid. Business owners have to first decide what aspects of the sales process matches their current sales culture. Then training becomes critical to make that a reality for the staff and customers.

Strategy is so critical to success. Quite honestly most people confuse tactics with strategy. Strategy is about understanding the size of your market and setting a realistic target of what % of market share your business can capture. Then after capturing it – growing it. Then after growing it – growing it even more.

The truth is most entrepreneurs must have a solid niche strategy – because that best matches their resources.

There are all types of entrepreneurs ranging from solopreneurs to emerging public company CEO’s and there is not a single path for anyone to take. That’s why outside eyes are so critical. It will be impossible for you to see everything; let alone figuring out how to tackle everything. The more eyes the better. Outside eyes are even more important because we can see your blind spots.

Business development is a mix of generating sales, addressing customer service needs, finding attractive elements for investors, and paying attention to targets. Then breaking that math down into daily tasks.

B2B consultants like Ygetarts focus on helping you to find short and long-term growth. The unique thing about Ygetarts is we build the team to fit your needs. Large consulting firms simply can’t do that. They will fit you into their needs not yours.

One of our greatest assets is several decades in creating real tangible value out of intangible assets. The larger a company gets the harder it is for them to see the true value of their intangible assets. This type of focus is what creates growth rates for our clients of 100-1000+% growth in short periods of time. Usually within 90 days.

Enough about Ygetarts. Tell us about you. Let’s find a way to work together in 2018 and beyond.

Let’s get started!