Entrepreneurial Resources

Ygetarts knows that most of our work revolves around helping clients to find and remove their biases. This awareness is critical for any type of long-lasting change to survive.

We all have biases. They are normal. We suggest that you visit Project Implicit and take at least three of the tests. The results will shock you.

It will also give you a new way to look at resolving your business challenges with an open mind. Remember the most important questions to ask before moving forward with any project, change, product, service is – what if I’m wrong?

Another important fact that we’d like every client to understand is that left and right brain thinking in a myth – not a scientific fact. Learn more by reading article 1, article 2, and article 3.

Why is this important? People often use this as an excuse for why they can’t learn or do certain things. People will tell themselves that they’re not good at math – when they actually are good. Others will sell themselves on not being creative – but they actually are. Nobody is any one thing. We’re human and extremely complex. In short, we tend to be our own worst enemies. This is probably the most important reason for actually hiring outside consultants – to help you find your real strengths and values.

Ygetarts suggests that from time-to-time business owners/entrepreneurs read content from these twenty-five sites. They are not listed in any order. All have valuable content or research that will help any size of business.

  1. Harvard Business Review
  2. McKinsey & Company
  3. Boston Consulting Group
  4. Cultural Detective
  5. The Economist
  6. Financial Times
  7. World Bank Data
  8. U.S. Census Data
  9. IMF (International Monetary Fund)
  10. Federal Reserve
  11. EDGAR SEC Filings (remember reading notes are crucial)
  12. Investopedia
  13. Bloomberg (remember to look at regional versions – especially Asia)
  14. Business Insider
  15. Millward Brown
  16. Inc Top 50 sites for Entrepreneurs list
  17. Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions
  18. Global Leadership & Organizational Behavior Effectiveness GLOBE Project
  19. Pew Research Center
  20. GEM Global Entrepreneurship Monitor
  21. Statista
  22. LinkedIn
  23. NYSE
  24. NASDAQ
  25. Morning Star

Here are five books that Ygetarts feels every business owner should read.

  1. Improvisation for the Theatre (Theatre Games) by Viola Spolin.  The 7 Aspects of Spontaneity – pages 4 -17
  2. Power versus Force by David R. Hawkins  Excellent information on how specific energy levels help lift up people who are stuck and having challenges with changing their behavior.
  3. The Heart of Change: Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations by John P. Kotter and Dan S. Cohen A proven process on making changes and creating culture
  4.  The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel You can usually find a free PDF copy of this book was a correspondence class in 1912 and later turned into a book released in 1916
  5. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith Known as the Father of Economics 

If you think of something that should be added to the list please let us know…