Improv Acting for Business

Improv Acting For Business. I’ve been fortunate to have some of the best mentors around improvisation. The true power of improvisation revolves around giving us the tools to

  • be present
  • listen
  • explore
  • play
  • and to identify new opportunities

Viola Spolin uncovered 7 aspects of spontaneity, and those formed the foundation for improvisation.

The seven aspects are as follows

  1. Games
  2. Approval/Disapproval
  3. Group Expression
  4. Audience
  5. Theatre Techniques
  6. Carrying the learning process into daily life
  7. Physicalization

It is important to remember that improvisational acting skills can help you with sales, marketing, and management.

  • High-level salespeople understand that the key isn’t the product or service but their listening skills. Improvisational acting 100% increases your ability to listen.
  • Marketing is also about listening, but rather than focusing on the sale, we are trying to identify growth opportunities rather than revenue streams
  • Managing people is all about listening to them. The more we get a feel for how to listen to the words under the words, the better managers we become

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What makes improv training different?

There is zero hierarchy between the client and the coach. They are equally important. No one is better than the other. The coaching role focuses on making the client shine. Here are some insights from one of my favorite clients.

My Thoughts on Games

My thoughts on approval/disapproval

My thoughts on Group Expression

My thoughts on the audience

My thoughts on theatre techniques

My thoughts on carrying the learning process into daily life

My thoughts on physicalization

I’ve been fortunate to have some of the best mentors regarding improvisational acting skills. And it is an honor to pass those tools on to my clients. Each session is focused on you, not me. I meet you where you are right here, right now. Then I give you the tools to get out of your comfort zone. Or to help you break through something that is blocking you.

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