Sales Structure Analysis


Sales structure analysis for solopreneurs and small business owners.

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This is the perfect product/service for the business owner that does not have a background in sales. We will work with you to create a sensible sales structure. Sales structure analysis, for solo and small business owners, usually takes an hour to complete.

Ygetarts offers this service via our site or you may buy here.

For clients in the United States, we suggest that you grab one of the free training sessions before ordering this service because it will give us a better understanding of your situation.

You can schedule that via calendly.

Book a free training!

Here are a few examples of what you will clearly understand after your analysis is completed

  • What is your annual target?
  • Your current growth rate?
  • Where you are in the business cycle
  • Is your pricing, right?
  • Are you overly generous with commissions?
  • What is a realistic topline growth for your business?
  • Quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily targets
  • Items which can be automated in your sales process
  • Elements that demand your attention

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