Ygetarts Sales Training

Sales Training

Welcome, to our 13 week sales training course. This is for all levels of sales experience because each lesson assignment is tailored to your current real world situation.

Each task is designed to be completed within 15 minutes.

Total weekly commitment from you is 30 minutes.

If you have a question just email roger@ygetarts.com

Each week we focus on answering a key question.

Here is the structure of the weekly classes when taken in order.

  1. Understanding your relationship to sales and marketing. Do you love it? Hate it? Somewhere in between? Are you clear on the differences from your opinion? click here for video and exercise
  2. Understanding that people buy on emotion and in a crisis. Most of your sales will not be closed by you. They will either be closed by the customer’s emotional want/need or a business crisis that can potentially be solved by you. click here for video and exercise
  3. How do you purchase? Understanding how you purchase small, medium, and large sized items helps you to understand the other side of the sales equation. The buyer side. click here for video and exercise
  4. How does a buyer purchase? You might be surprised that the buyer does not purchase the same way that you do. Remember, they are spending a budget. The budget it either theirs or a companies. This is a different mindset and must be understood. click here for video and exercise
  5. Know the total lifetime value and cost of a customer. This exercise takes a little bit of math, but will change your perspective forever. It will help you to understand the proper discounting and pricing structure for your products/services. click here for video and exercise
  6. Make it easy for them to buy. Seems obvious, yet most everyone does not do this. Here’s the truth – most customers don’t want to have a conversation when they are ready to buy. click here for video and exercise
  7. Address questions as they come. People waste so much time thinking of answers to buyers questions that never exist. We give you the tools to be present because the key to must sales is directly related to your listening skills. click here for video and exercise
  8. Pre-qualification comes first. All of your marketing must be focused on pre-qualification. It must be directed at your set of target buyers. If not, you just end up having conversations with people that simply do not have the cash to purchase from you and are looking for a free handout from you. Those people never return with cash because the shame of them stealing time from you prevents them from returning. They just move on to their next target. click here for video and exercise
  9. Prospecting comes second. Understanding the previous lesson allows us to focus on prospecting within pre-qualified buyers – versus talking to everyone. click here for video and exercise
  10. Know the normal sales cycle. Each product and service that you sell has its very own sales cycle. Getting deeply in touch with what this is saves you time and money. click here for video and exercise
  11. Customer service is the way to close sales. Too many sales trainings focus on closing deals. Yet, the truth is most sales people have very little impact on the close. The buyer closes the deal when they send you money. That is when the business relationship starts and the marketing relationship ends for that client. click here for video and exercise
  12. Upsells. Upsells happen in mostly two ways. Driven by you or the client. This is a deeper set of listening skills. We help you to see and hear future opportunities with the client. click here for video and exercise
  13. General understanding of macro market drivers. Much of what happens in sales is out of our control. Yet, we must have a basic understanding of the macro. click here for video and exercise

I look forward to having you.