Ygetarts Week 11: Sales Training

Week 11: Sales Training

Customer service is the way to close sales.

Too many sales trainings focus on closing deals. Yet, the truth is most sales people have very little impact on the close. The buyer closes the deal when they send you money. That is when the business relationship starts and the marketing relationship ends for that client.


Hidden gem secret is that customer service is the key to closing more sales. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen.

Here’s a fun exercise to help you see where you have listening challenges.

Find 3 people that you know. Tell them you are doing a listening exercise. You want them to talk nonstop about anything. Once they start talking start the timer on your phone. When you realize that you are no longer listening. I mean really listening to them, stop the time.

Most people listen as a way to find their entry into the conversation.

Email your average times for listening to roger@ygetarts.com

We will send you specific exercises tailored to your current times.