Ygetarts Week #2: Sales Training

Week #2: Sales Training

Understanding that people buy on emotion and in a crisis. 

Most of your sales will not be closed by you. They will either be closed by the customer’s emotional want/need or a business crisis that can potentially be solved by you.

You don’t actually do the close of the sale – the customer does

And this confuses people on many levels. But think of your own experience. Try this exercise and then email it roger@ygetarts.com

Week 2: Exercise

Write out the last 5 things you purchased at a cost greater than $100.

What drove the reason for the purchase?

Was it a crisis?

Was it an emotional purchase?

Now, some of you will say – I purchased them in a logical fashion. I identified the options. I weighed the pros and cons. I made a logical choice.

Nope – that was an emotional one.

Because guess what you emotionally wanted to feel like you were in control.

So, look at those 5 things again and send them to me. I’ll follow up with what % of your sales tend to be emotional or a crisis.

Understanding your wiring will help you to listen better to potential or current customers.