Ygetarts Week 4: Sales Training

Week 4: Sales Training

How does a buyer purchase? 

You might be surprised that the buyer does not purchase the same way that you do. Remember, they are spending a budget. The budget it either theirs or a companies. This is a different mindset and must be understood.

This week’s exercise

The B2B buyer is spending a budget. Most often that money is not theirs. It is the companies. So, let’s do a little work on understanding that word.

How do you define budget when you are spending it for a company? In other words, if it isn’t your money. The worst thing that could happen in that scenario is you lose your job. The best thing that could happen is you get promoted.

Your relationship with a budget for a company (not your money) should be different than the relationship you have with your money.

How do you define a budget when it is a couple? Oh, and in a couple situation who actually makes the buying decision?

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We will increase our sales when we understand who the actual decision maker is and who has control over releasing the money to you.