Ygetarts Week 7: Sales Training

Week 7: Sales Training

Address questions as they come.

People waste so much time thinking of answers to buyers questions that never exist. We give you the tools to be present because the key to must sales is directly related to your listening skills.


Remember probing questions kill more sales than they make. Listening skills are the keys to identification for sales and potential deals.

The more you talk.

The less likely you will close a deal.

Most of us think we are excellent listener’s but we aren’t. We tend to listen only with the purpose of trying to find something in the conversation that we can use to drive our agenda.

When we learn to really listen and not try to control the conversation – that’s when the magic happens.

Most customers will in fact answer their own objections – if we give them the space.

For this weeks exercise…

  1. Pick one of your products/services
  2. Write out up to 5 questions you think customers might ask about it
  3. Send it to roger@ygetarts.com